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Relocation notice

Dear, valued and beloved customer of Stanley & Livingstone. Stanley & Livingstone will not close. But a lot will change.
Stanley & Livingstone is moving at the end of January 2020!

From 1 February 2020 you will no longer find your beloved travel book store in Schoolstraat, but on Herengracht.
Stanley & Livingstone becomes part of Bookstore Douwes.

Douwes is already a classic bookstore with many specializations. Now a complete travel bookstore is added!
The complete illustrious range of travel guides, maps and travel stories will be moved to the new location in the last week of January. There it will be given a prominent place on the ground floor and there Stanley & Livingstone will continue to grow.

Douwes is a real traditional bookstore in a nice visible place diagonally opposite the Central Station in The Hague. For many of our customers, who come from the region or from much further afield, it is therefore easier to reach than the Schoolstraat. Central Station is a junction of train traffic, trams, buses and the metro to Rotterdam. Everything comes together at Central Station and about 300 meters away, Douwes sits right next to the Royal Art Academy.

Boekhandel Douwes aan de Herengracht

  • The store in the Schoolstraat will remain open until Sunday 26 January 2020. The legendary assortment remains at the highest level. You are therefore very welcome.
  • Douwes will take over the complete range and the stock of books and maps and will be able to do the continuation of Stanley & Livingstone worthy from 1 February.
  • The collection of globes and the range of world maps is made smaller and continued at a modest level. These two ranges will therefore become smaller in the Schoolstraat during this period. (So ​​if you need something ... ..)
  • The Stanley & Livingstone travel bookshop webshop will also be transferred to the Douwes webshop at the end of January.
  • Current customer orders are taken to the new location.
  • Request : Stanley & Livingstone has a customer base of 1000 e-mail addresses. But there are tens of thousands of customers who are not on this list, but come in about three times a year for books and maps. Help us to announce the move. So they know where to find the new location on the Herengracht quickly. Print out the image below and hang it up at the coffee maker, in the canteen of the sports club or on the bulletin board at school. Or post a message with a link to this page on your facebook, twitter, linkedin, or whatsapp and share it with your friends.

Hope to see you again. Up to and including Sunday 26 January 2020 in the Schoolstraat and from 1 February 2020 on the Herengracht / Prinsessegracht corner
Bookstore Douwes
Herengracht 60
2511EJ The Hague

General and scientific bookstore with the following specializations.
Literature - Law - History - Politics - Economy - Philosophy - Esotericism - Railways - Languages ​​and Antiquarian Books
From 1 February 2020 Stanley & Livingstone. maps, travel guides, travel literature.

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Stanley & Livingstone in the Schoolstraat The Hague
Up to and including 26 January in full swing!

  • Model: 26 Januari 2020

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